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MyFondi is a personal finance application that assists consumers in reaching financial freedom through budgeting and savings education. The consumer is provided an essential tool needed to create and manage their budget along with tracking individual and/or family financial goals. 


We currently have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which has just enough features to prove our concept for investors. We are raising capital to complete our app with the additional features needed to get this tool into your hands.


Ashton P.

I feel more knowledgeable and have a clear concept of my financial future. I can not only plan trips this year with ease, but I can budget groceries, medical bills, emergencies and savings.

LaQuice S.

I was able to understand my spending habits and stop wasteful spending.  Now I can work on becoming debt free, stop living paycheck to paycheck, and save for retirement.

Maya M.

When I won the sweepstakes, I did not know how much I would gain from it.  They took the time to understand my finances to really help me understand what I have been doing with my money. 

Meet The Team

Patricia Campbell

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Founder and CEO

Harry Johnson, II

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Co-Founder and Advisor