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According to CNBC, “63% say they’ve been living paycheck to paycheck since the pandemic hit the United States. About 44% of respondents say they were living beyond their means before the pandemic started.”

MyFondi’s founder, Patricia Campbell has set out to help the 63% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck learn how to get ahead and budget with ease through her app, MyFondi. MyFondi teaches users how to think about and plan their budget One Paycheck at a Time. The app meets users where they are with support, advice, and the tools they need to change their financial future.

Other budgeting apps in the marketplace, such as Mint, YNAB, or EveryDollar, only allow their users to see their budget in a monthly view. MyFondi showcases a first of its kind, real-time budget that matches users’ bank account and paycheck frequency. This feature equips users to plan more accurately for the future. Individual spending transactions are downloaded automatically through bank connect technology giving users an accurate picture at all times of their spending and budget.

Origins Story

In 2005, Patricia Campbell was starting her career at one of the Big 4 accounting firms. Fresh out of college with mounds of student loans and credit card debt, she wanted to make sure she was staying on top of her finances using a custom spreadsheet she created. The spreadsheet simplified her budget down to each and every paycheck. Before she knew it, this spreadsheet quickly became the talk of her circle of friends! 


​In 2008, Patricia and her fiancé decided to combine their finances after marriage counseling. Her fiancé quickly realized the power of the budgeting spreadsheet and wished he would have used it sooner. From there, Patricia helped friends and family throughout the years with their budgeting. She even used different budgeting apps but found herself still using both her spreadsheet and the app at the same time.

Ultimately, she couldn’t find anything that would allow her to budget by paycheck. Finally, in 2019 her niece yelled at her “you need to make this into an app” and the rest is history!

It all started.......

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