It all started.......

In 2005, I (Patricia) was starting my career at one of the Big 4 accounting firms. Coming fresh out of college comes with mounds of student loan and credit card debt. I wanted to make sure I was staying on top of my finances using my handy dandy spreadsheet I created. It broke my budget down by my paychecks. My spreadsheet was the talk in my circle of friends. Every time we did anything, I had to check the spreadsheet.

In 2008, my Fiancé and I decided to combine our finances after marriage counseling. He quickly realized the power of my budgeting spreadsheet and wished he would have used it sooner. I helped friends and family throughout the years with their budgeting.  I even used different budgeting apps but I found myself using both my spreadsheet and the app at the same time. I couldn’t find anything that would allow me to budget by paycheck. It wasn’t until 2019 my niece yelled at me “YOU NEED TO MAKE THIS INTO AN APP”.

But where do I begin with developing an app? Through networking, I was able to connect with the right people to bring my vision to life. We cannot wait to get this app into your hands! We are hoping to launch our app in APRIL 2021!

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