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Account Policy



You are responsible for all use of your account, including use of your account by other members of your household. By allowing others to access your account or to create profiles within your account, you agree to be responsible for ensuring that they comply with these Terms and you agree to be responsible for their activity using the Services. All registration information you submit must be accurate and updated. Because you are responsible for all use of your account, including unauthorized use by any third-party, please be very careful to guard the security and confidentiality of your password. Please notify us immediately if you suspect any unauthorized use of your account.

MyFondi may offer the account holder certain rights, including the right to access information about and delete the account and all associated profiles. You may find information on how to exercise these rights by logging in and following the directions on how to cancel your subscription via our Site or App. Please note, you must first cancel your subscription before you will be able to delete your account. Please see the section, "Cancellation and Refunds" below for instructions on how to cancel your subscription.



4.1. Ongoing Subscription and Fees. While we may offer Content from time to time for free, we charge a fee to access the Services. We will bill you in advance for your subscription. Your subscription will continue and automatically renew on a recurring basis corresponding to the term of your subscription unless and until you cancel your subscription, or your account is otherwise suspended or terminated pursuant to these Terms. MyFondi reserves the right to change the terms of your subscription, including price, from time to time, effective as of the beginning of your next Billing Period following the date of the change. We will give you advance notice of these changes, but we will not be able to notify you of changes in any applicable taxes.

4.2 Payment Method. Unless otherwise indicated, you will be required to provide a credit card or other payment method accepted by MyFondi, as may be updated from time to time ("Payment Method"). We will charge your Payment Method a periodic subscription fee on a recurring basis corresponding to the term of your subscription, and any applicable taxes. You are solely responsible for any and all fees charged to your Payment Method. When you provide a Payment Method, we will attempt to verify the information you entered by processing an authorization hold. We do not charge you in connection with this authorization hold, but your available balance or credit limit may be reduced. If you want to use a different Payment Method other than the one you signed up to use during registration, you may edit your Payment Method information by logging in on the MyFondi Site or App and modifying your account details.

4.3 Billing Holds. In the event of a failed attempt to charge to your Payment Method (e.g. if your Payment Method has expired), we reserve the right to retry billing your Payment Method. In the event that you or we (through our payment service providers) update your Payment Method to remedy a change in validity or expiration date, we will automatically resume billing you for your subscription to the Services. We may suspend or cancel your access to the Services if we remain unable to successfully charge a valid Payment Method. We also reserve the right to pursue any amounts you fail to pay in connection with your subscription, including collection costs, bank overdraft fees, collection agency fees, reasonable attorneys' fees, and arbitration or court costs. We may offer you the ability to pause your subscription for a specified period of time. If you do not cancel before the end of the pause period, billing will resume automatically.

4.4 Billing Period. As used in these Terms, “billing” shall indicate either a charge or debit, as applicable, against your Payment Method. We will automatically bill your Payment Method on the later of the day you start your subscription or the day your trial ends, and on each recurring billing date thereafter. Your “Billing Period” is the interval of time between each recurring billing date and corresponds to the term of your subscription. Where applicable, charges for one or more Services may be prorated for any partial month of service. To see your next recurring billing date, log in on the MyFondi Site or App and view your account details. You acknowledge that the timing of when you are billed and the amount billed each Billing Period may vary, including if your subscription began on a day not contained in a given month (e.g. if you have a monthly subscription and became a paying subscriber on January 31, your Payment Method would next be billed on February 28), due to free trials and other promotional offers, gift card redemptions, credits applied, or changes in your subscription or Payment Method.

4.5 Cancellation and Refunds. You can cancel your subscription by logging into your MyFondi account and following the instructions on your account page via the MyFondi Site or App. See Section 4.8 for cancellation information if you pay for the Services through a third-party. You must cancel your subscription prior to 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on the day before your next recurring billing date in order to avoid being charged. If you cancel your subscription, you will continue to have access to the Service through the end of your current Billing Period. However, if you modify your subscription to switch from one Service to another Service during your Billing Period, you may not have continued access to your original Service. If you cancel, including if you switch your billing from MyFondi to a third-party, you will also forfeit any service, referral, or redeemed gift card credits.

Payments are nonrefundable. If you cancel, modify your subscription, or if your account is otherwise terminated under these Terms, you will not receive a credit, including for partially used periods of Service. There are circumstances where MyFondi may provide credits on a case by case basis. The amount and form of such credits, and the decision to provide them, are at MyFondi’s sole and absolute discretion.

4.6 Free Trials. On occasion, we may offer free trials to a particular Service, subject to specific terms explained during your sign-up. You can view details of your free trial on your MyFondi account page. MyFondi reserves the right to determine eligibility for free trials, which may vary based on factors including the Service selected, how recently you redeemed a free trial, and whether the Service is part of a combined offering. Certain limitations may also exist with respect to combining free trials with any other offers.

It is very important to understand that you will not receive a notice from MyFondi that your free trial has ended and that payment for your subscription is due. If you wish to avoid charges to your Payment Method, you must cancel your subscription prior to midnight Eastern Time on the last day of your free trial period. Because the Services are offered in multiple time zones, for consistency, a “day” for purposes of these Terms begins at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time and ends at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time of that same calendar day. You may cancel your subscription at any time as described in the "Cancellation and Refunds" section of these Terms. If you cancel your subscription during a free trial or while using a promotional code or other credits, cancellation may be effective immediately.

4.7 Promotions. If we offer you a promotion (e.g., a promotional price or bundled subscription), the specific terms of the promotion will be disclosed during your sign-up or in other materials provided to you. We will begin billing your Payment Method for your subscription at the then-current, non-promotional price after your promotion ends unless you cancel prior to the end of your promotion or unless otherwise disclosed.

4.8 Third-Party Billing. You may choose to be billed for, or receive access to, the Services through a third-party, in which case, your billing relationship will be directly with that third-party, additional terms may apply, and Service offerings may be limited. If you want to cancel or modify your subscription or manage your billing, you may need to do so through your account with such third-party. MyFondi will not be liable to you for any claims arising out of or related to your purchase or use of third-party products or services.

4.9 Account Deletion: If you have canceled your subscription and would like to have your data deleted, email us through our Contact US page to submit your request. 

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