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2021 is Here!

We made it to 2021! Reflecting back on 2020, it has taught us two things:

1) Enjoy the time you have with your family and friends because tomorrow is not promised

2) Be prepared for the unexpected.

When we were celebrating on December 31, 2019, none of us were expecting the outcome that occurred 3 months into the New Year. We watched as the world slowly came to a stop due to COVID-19. This caused families and friends to stay separated to ensure their safety and people lost their jobs due to the shutdown. We always quote the CNBC article that states “40% of Americans would struggle to come up with even $400 to pay for an emergency expense.” I thought about those people that barely have an emergency fund to keep the household afloat during the pandemic. I want all of us to be prepared for the unexpected.

2021 is here so lets start thinking about your finances!

1) Make a list of your financial goals you would like to reach by the end of the year. Make sure you are being SMART.

  • Need to start saving or replenishing your emergency funds;

  • Trying to get out of debt;

  • Ready to purchase your first home;

  • Want to start building your 401K or investing in the market;

  • Don’t forget about Christmas 2021 or any major purchases, start saving now!

2) Next, take those goals and break them down into quarterly milestones. This will allow you to be able to make mini accomplishments throughout the year. Also, give yourself a reasonable reward if you meet your quarterly goal. This will make you feel great and motivate to keep going.

3) Post your goals around your house to be a visual reminder of what you are trying to accomplish.

4) Do not be hard on yourself if you do not meet your goals. Pick yourself up and keep going!


Want to know what is one of MyFondi’s Goals for 2021?

Starting today, NO SPEND JANUARY!

We are not spending any money that is outside of our necessities contained within our budget.

NO Unnecessary Shopping

NO Eating Out, We have Food at the House

NO Spending on Wants

We will keep you up to date with our progress on our IG Story.


Keep an eye out on our social media platforms. We have exciting news coming and we can't wait to share it!

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