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..........I don't remember how I got here!

I have some of my best thoughts while driving. Even though the music is playing, I am also thinking about so many different things:

- I need to get x,y,z done

- I need to call x,y,z

- What am I going to do about x,y,z

- I need to get x,y,z at the grocery store

On one particular drive, I started thinking about the budget. I was behind on rolling over the budget to the next pay period and paying bills. I also wanted my husband to know what I was planning to do with our money. He has access to the spreadsheet, but wanted him to fully understand.

Then it hit me, I declared Wednesdays as #WealthWednesday! Every two weeks after dinner, we will sit and discuss our finances.

I think finances are the hardest thing to discuss with yourself, significant other, or family. When they are discussed, it becomes a reality. When my husband and I were going through marriage counseling, we were coming up on the portion about finances. I was always open about how much debt I was in from student loans and credit cards. I didn’t really know that much about what was going on with him. The night before we had our session, he woke up in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat. He confessed everything that was going on with his finances. From that point on, we worked together to get ourselves financially stable.

I am encouraging everyone to start taking time out your busy schedule to focus on your finances.

1) Pick a day and how often you want to work on your finances

2) If you haven’t, create a budget and goals for yourself

3) Go through your finances by reviewing your spending activities and what you are doing to achieve those goals


5) Include your children in your discussions. It is never to early for them to start learning about money and how to manage it

We all have slip-ups; we had too much fun over the weekend or overspend on a category. It is ok, just don’t make it a habit. Review everything and figure out how you are going to recover from it. Just take small steps and not look to far in the future.

Just remember to take it #onepaycheckatatime!

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