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We are onto to Phase III

We are so excited to announce we have moved onto Phase III. Let's recap what occurred with Phase II.

Completed Phase II - Bank Integration:

Bank Integration is important. This will allow your purchasing data from your bank and/or credit card provider to come into your MyFondi budget. This removes the manual aspect of inserting your transactions manually. This saves you time and energy with keeping up with budget.

We are now onto Phase III - Financial Institution Tab, Goal Tab and Final App UI

The Financial Institutions tab will allow you to add all of your banking information so that balances, transactions and etc. will flow into MyFondi to assist with your budgeting. The Goals tab is an interactive tool to help you setup your specific financial goals. Lastly, the Final App UI is the process of migrating the coding to the actual functional app.

Enter our contest to use the MyFondi Budgeting app before it hits the market!


1) Follow @MyFondi on Instagram and/or Facebook

2) Like this original post

3) Mention 2 friends in your reply

4) Repost with #onepaycheckatatime


1) United States only

2) Use MyFondi for 30 days

3) Answer a brief Pre and Post-Closing Questionnaire

4) Entries entered by 5:00pm EST November 5th are considered for the drawing

5) Winners will receive a DM and announced at 12:00pm EST on November 6th

Make sure you spread the word about MyFondi and have them join our subscribers list and our social media for updates on our progress:

In addition, we are still crowdfunding to complete our final phases of development. You can checkout our crowdfund campaign through gofundme!

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

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